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Signage – You’re Nowhere Without It!

From Request to Installation, Growth Inc is Your Signage Solution.


So, you may be asking “How does signage actually help my business?”  Branding, way finding, announcements, sales and specials… the list is endless.

Signs are a visual way to brand your company, convey its purpose and capture the attention of your potential customers. It’s more than graphics on a wall, retractable banners or table displays; it’s a completely customized design that enhances your space and the customer experience. Signage helps set your business apart from the rest.

Let’s back up a moment, because before there’s even a vision of what your signage might look like, there’s a conversation (one of many) we have together, far in advance:

  • What challenges are you facing with your business? Start-up? Rebranding? Refreshing?
  • Will this be an immediate and total install or a phased project?
  • How are you using the signage? Is it permanent or temporary?
  • Are we removing something from the space or adding something new?

From that point onward, the project is a collaboration with your complete satisfaction as the goal. We like to say “We take the lead, but our customers have all the say,” and we mean it. Our team builds a true relationship with you and/or your marketing team to help meet your business objectives. Our president, Alan Gardner, even has the additional title of Chief Yes Officer!

Creativity and Collaboration

“People are visual and signage can impact them on an emotional level,” Gardner says. “Whether working with clients on a high-level event management project or a rebranding campaign, we design signage that helps people feel the culture.” In case you couldn’t guess,  the impact of the art behind the design is something else that differentiates our signage service work. This additional expertise helps us look at a project holistically, viewing it – literally – from every angle. Making sure we’re working towards exactly what a customer envisions is critically important; that’s why 75% of our work is done before we even see the space where the signage will live. We take a proactive approach to making sure we’ve done the essential prep work to avoid things that might stall the project once we start, like finding out there’s an adhesion issue on the wall where the sign is to be installed or that the job needs specific tools and ladders.

On a usual day, we don’t wait for a call from customers. Our existing relationships have evolved to the point where we’re ingrained in their marketing teams and ahead of the curve on upcoming events and opportunities to promote their business. And we love partnering on the creativity. For Wilmington University’s student prep center, we created an environment conducive to relaxing and studying; for a pharmaceutical customer it was unique table-top materials; for an HVAC client presenting at a home show it was a booth design.

How can we help with your signage needs? Call us today.