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The EZ Ordering print-on-demand system helps your company produce printed materials with less hassle and lower cost

The “usual” model of printing for your business or organization can end up being a logistical nightmare. While printing has traditionally been the responsibility of a communications department (if you’re lucky enough to have one), the staff would often be responsible for approving every collateral request, edit, as well as ensuring each request was in the budget. When dealing with a printer, this process creates an unwieldy number of emails, phone calls and record keeping. Often, the process looks a lot like this:

Let’s say a teacher in Building A needs to order business cards and brochures about their science programming:

  1. That teacher must send the request to the communications department which reviews and approves the request.
  2. The teacher might need to update information on the collaterals then send the final file back to the communications department.
  3. Communications approves the final file, but not without their own edits or changes (“You’re using 11-point font for your title; you have an extra space on line 12”).
  4. Finally, communications sends the final approved file to printer, only to have to negotiate the budget, approve the purchase, secure a purchase order (PO) and finalize other print job paperwork.

And because businesses traditionally order printed products in large quantities, one tiny mistake at the end of this already long process might result in boxes of brochures, business cards or other materials being destroyed and the company starting the process over, wasting time and money.

Sounds like a nightmare, right? Even so, this is the way many businesses handle their print jobs every day.

So, how do you solve this problem and make the printing process easy, seamless and less expensive for your company? Growth Inc. EZ Ordering is the solution, providing print-on-demand for large, decentralized or multi-site companies.

  • Everyone in the company who may need to print approved collaterals receives personalized access to the EZ Ordering system for the organization. Their permissions are customized depending on what each person is authorized to do.
  • The communications department works directly with Growth Inc. to manage everything – such as file and budget approval – in a centralized online location. This results in considerable time and cost savings for everyone involved, eliminating the need for purchase orders, streamlining approvals, reducing back-and-forth emails, and incorporating pre-built checks and balances, purchase limits, editable fields and consistent standards.
  • With on-demand printing, there’s no need to order in huge quantities because you can update any file at any time. Printing only what you need when you need it eliminates obsolescence, waste and the need to store large quantities of printed materials, which saves you money.

If you think The Growth Inc. EZ Ordering system is right for your company, give us a call and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. We know you’ll be happy with what you hear.