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Making it Work: The Power of ‘Yes!’

Think about the last time you participated in a brainstorming session where ‘every idea counts.’ Everyone shared concepts. Pros and cons were weighed. Then voila!  The winning vision rose to the top. That creative process – from idea to reality – is what Growth, Inc., does every day.

At Growth, we pair creativity with speedy service so that our customers can have their vision implemented and delivered when their clientele needs. We invest in high-tech on-demand digital printing and signage equipment that is lightning-fast to meet the needs of our customers. We also insist on clear and consistent communication. All of these touchpoints mean that that there is no better, faster or more committed partner than Growth, Inc., to print, package and share your company’s message. Our ‘Yes!’ culture drives everything we do and supports our mission of helping our customers succeed.

The YMCA Rush

Our delivery drivers are planners; they have to be in order to complete the precisely-timed schedules that include making stops at client locations every day. Surprise rush delivery jobs are next to impossible – without a creative solution. Here’s a recent example:

One Friday afternoon, the local YMCA headquarter office called us with an emergency request involving a recent large sign order for all of its locations – their plans had changed and in turn, needed the signs that day! Our delivery trucks were already out; how could we possibly say ‘Yes’ to this request?

The Growth team snapped into action and called an emergency production meeting to figure out how we would meet the urgent demand. The conversation went something like this: “Alan has a dentist appointment at 2pm – he can deliver to Brandywine YMCA which is near there. Afterwards, he can take signs to the Southern Delaware location on his way home. Another team member is already planning to drive down Kirkwood Highway for another errand, so he can bring signs to the YMCA’s Western location on that same road…” Our staff considered the travel time and rush hour challenges, then set their GPS to do what they needed to do to get the signs to every YMCA branch on time before they opened their doors to the public the next morning!

The YMCA team, corporate and otherwise, loved how we went above and beyond to meet their deadline. For us, it was another day of doing what we could to say ‘Yes.’

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