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Holiday Greeting Cards Still Magical After All These Years

The origins of the Christmas card stretch back to England in 1843, when Sir Henry Cole, a well-known educator and arts patron, was overwhelmed by the amount of mail he was receiving from his expansive social circle as Christmas approached. As it was considered impolite at the time to not respond to one’s mail, he came up with a unique solution – pre-printed postcards featuring an image of a holiday celebration (created by his friend, artist J.C. Horsley) and a simple greeting: “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.”

Those 1,000 cards sent by Sir Cole were the first in a long tradition of family, friends and coworkers sending holiday greetings through the mail using specifically designed cards. Many of those who received the cards from Sir Cole loved the idea and began reciprocating with cards of their own.

The first U.S. Christmas card was created by Boston-area printer Louis Prang in 1875, but the American versions were lighter on the celebration imagery and leaned more heavily toward pictures of animals or nature.

When we think of modern Christmas and holiday cards, we imagine the 4-by-6-inch folded cards pioneered by the Kansas City printing house started by Joyce Hall, who would later be joined in the company by brothers Rollie and William to become the Hall Brothers Company. The firm would later change its name to Hallmark.

When it comes to you your business, holiday cards aren’t just a way to spread cheer and goodwill, but also to remind current clients of all you do for them and cold leads of how you can help them in the future. Growth Inc. can help you create customized cards with a variety of card stock, designs, images and messaging to surprise your customers and employees with festive fun.

Printed cards are also more personal and stand out from junk mail. And in an era of declining postal communication, it somehow feels more special to receive a card through the mail than to open a “happy holidays” email. Growth Inc. can even customize cards with miniature LCD video displays to play a prerecorded message when they’re opened. It’s a perfect and unique option for high-value prospects and for getting your message in front of a potential customer without all the social media clutter.

And as a bonus to your company, clients receiving a pleasant holiday greeting helps your customers remember the magnificent work you’ve done for them and to contact you for more in the New Year.

Get in touch with us at Growth Inc. to find out how we can make your festive greetings stand out this holiday season.