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The New Year is a Great Time for a New Look … For Your Business Signage

With the arrival of the New Year, plenty of us start to rethink what we see in the mirror. And while it won’t involve a gym membership or new clothes, we recommend that businesses take this traditional time of self-examination and reflection as an opportunity to rethink what customers and clients see when they’re inside, driving by or approaching their business.

From a high altitude, it might not seem that something as simple as signage can affect the success of your business, but think for a moment how many times you’ve driven past a business or felt a sense of unease or suspicion about a vendor when their signage is inappropriate, in disrepair or outdated.

If you’re company is rebranding or creating a new website in conjunction with the new year, you’ll need updated signage to reflect that.

Because people are visual, signage can impact them on an emotional level. Whether working with clients on a high-level event management project or a rebranding campaign, our art and graphic design professionals can help you design signage that helps people feel the culture. It’s also important that every piece of signage in your business, from the business name to the wayfinding or safety messages, should be consistent with that brand. Having in-house art and graphic design expertise helps us look at a project holistically, viewing it – literally – from every angle.

Something else we unfortunately must consider are the ongoing pandemic conditions, which still mean businesses should be appropriately directing visitors and employees about how to handle those circumstances. Also, because conditions are changing rapidly and unpredictably, your signage might require updates from what you posted in spring of 2020.

For existing Growth Inc. customers, we’re ingrained into their marketing teams and ahead of the curve on upcoming events and opportunities to promote their business. And we love partnering on the creativity of the signage process. We work together with our clients to understand what their needs are for a location or space and tailor the results to fit.

Are you ready to reevaluate your business signage? If so, give us a call or send us an email! We’d love to discuss your project and discover how we can help.